How To Know If You’ve Been Successful

Success. It’s an awesome word, isn’t it? One that has the power to both bring the most satisfaction, yet the most fear and trepidation all in one breath. No matter how it feels, success is not unattainable.         Y O U can experience true success one day at a time! Here are some ideas to help… Continue reading How To Know If You’ve Been Successful


Three Ways to Put the “Good” Back in Your Morning

Does anyone else find the expression “rise and shine” downright obnoxious for anyone but the actual sunshine itself?! I mean honestly, my rising looks more like … well… dramatically crawling from wreckage… than shining. At least it used to. I am finally finding workable habits that have renewed and motivated my morning hours with confidence,… Continue reading Three Ways to Put the “Good” Back in Your Morning

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How to Create a Productive Work Space

Hey there small business hustlers! Let's have a quick chat about our work space. Sometimes the only thing we can do is plop down on the couch with our laptops, surround by kid toys with the TV on in the background. Trust me, I get it. Sometimes all we can do is work whenever and wherever we can. As I write this I'm sitting at the kitchen table scurrying to get this blog done before the baby wakes up. 

How To & Advice

4 Steps to a Profitable Social Media Bio

Have you ever noticed an intriguing picture on Instagram and then mosied on over to the host's page. You. browse a little bit are interested in the posts, even impressed by them, but still aren't quite sure why this person is posting what they are? If you're like me, that's about the time I glance at the bio for a little bit of explanation.  


An Unconventional Valentine’s Day

Hello, Entrepreneur! That’s right, I’m talking to YOU… and we’re going to talk Valentine’s Day, too! Who says you can’t mix business and fun? They make a pretty sweet combination. This “being a community” thing.. it’s fun, isn’t it? So here’s just a friendly heads up from us to you that Valentine’s Day is on it’s way, again! Roses and candy have taken over the stores and the celebration of loved ones is upon us.

Small Business Spotlight

Small Business Spotlight: Prestige Gymnastics Academy

It’s Kaleigh Duffy, PGA owner here! I was born and raised here in Botetourt County by Thomas and Carma Duffy! I have two sisters, Emilee and Jorydn, a boyfriend Josh, and an Australian Shepard dog, Cuddles! I grew up in a Christian home, with a big family, and traditional southern values; I couldn’t be prouder of my upbringing. I currently live with my life long best friend in an apartment only a few minutes from the gym!