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Small Business Spotlight: Sweet Baby Blue Boutique

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“I’m Kayley. I run a small business out of our home in Vinton called Sweet Baby Blue Boutique and I am truly so blessed to have it! If you would of told me years ago that this would be my life right now I would never believe you.

This business and journey officially begin I’m 2015 when my husband and I welcomed our first child into the world. After a few short months of going back to work, getting texts about how much she was growing & all the things she was doing without me experiencing it with her, I knew that crying every day because I couldn’t be with her wasn’t a option any longer. I thought fast and hard about how I could be a stay at home Mom while making a income for our family. At the time I was starting to make personalized onesies for her. Through A LOT of trial and error I FINALLY got the hang of it! Hours upon hours of watching YouTube videos, going through rolls of expensive vinyl I knew I wasn’t going to give up.

I won’t ever forget my parents asking me what I wanted for Christmas that year and with no hesitation I screamed “A HEAT PRESS” and them both looking at me like I had lost my mind. It took weeks to think of a name for my business & finally it came to me. Sweet Baby Blue Boutique. I knew that looking into my sweet baby blue eyed baby girl every day that this all would be worth it– All the trial and error, ups and downs, and months of not knowing how we were going to pay our bills, or if we could do this would be worth it!

Since starting this I have become a mommy of 2 beautiful blue eyed babies that still push me everyday.

‘It took months to truly spread the word about my business and there were without a doubt times where I thought I would never make it, I’d never be what I hoped to be or have my business spread to people that I didn’t even know, but I never gave up.’

I continued to push through, post all the beautiful t-shirts and items for all occasions and all ages that truly sold just by looking at them. The possibilities are truly endless and that’s what makes it so much fun.

Without the love and support of my amazing husband, family, friends & amazing people I’ve met along the way I truly wouldn’t be where I am today. There aren’t enough ”thank yous” in the world to explain how thankful, grateful and blessed I am to be where I am today. Without the people that have ordered from me and have followed be since the beginning this all wouldn’t be possible. Not only have those people given me the ability to follow my dreams as a stay at home mom and business owner, but you’re supporting a hard working mom and family of 4 put food on our table everyday, letting me be able to give me kids and they need and deserve and letting me see and experience these small, but fast moments that fly by with my kids. That alone is truly a blessing I’ll never be able to get back.

If you ever have your mind set on something, go for it. Follow your dreams and don’t ever look back. There will without a doubt be ups and downs, but without them it won’t push you to be or do what you want.

‘Think about what pushes you every day and don’t ever stop forgetting it.’

Let that alone be your motivation for doing it. I’m so thankful that I never gave up and I have my sweet family of 4 and amazing friends and family pushing me everyday!”

Photo credit: Amber Perdue Photography


Kayley’s boutique, Sweet Baby Blue Boutique, can be found on Facebook at

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