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How to Stand Out in a Busy Marketplace / Beautiful World

How to Stand Out in a Busy Marketplace Beautiful World

The cars rush past. The phone buzzes with frustration in your pocket through the podcast you missed as you juggle the stacks and the Starbucks to rescue your nerves from bossy cell phone assumed deadlines.

Glancing for traffic, nodding politely, texting one handed and trying to find the time when you notice it –

Open space.  A cozy atmosphere. Room for you.



Do you know this place, Roanoke friends?

Why? With so many people working so hard rushing through a beautiful world, why do some things stand out, and others don’t?


| Altus Chocolate|Downtown Roanoke, VA

An empty table. A face that smiles, even when hands are busy.


| Altus Chocolate|Downtown Roanoke, VA

Sometimes it’s in the smallest details, isn’t it?

Space  for you. Someone cared a little extra. A silly quote on the counter makes you smile.

And just like that a new workplace is born. You stop here to consolidate the demands you were juggling. You buy some coffee and splurge for the cupcake and buy some for dessert for your family. You make plans to meet a friend. To work here again, maybe even hold a meeting.

It is often the smallest details that set us apart.


| JiHi Designs | Roanoke, VA

An eye catching logo.

An ad that gets right to the point of what you need.

Someone who stops moving, looks you in the eyes… and listens.

A cute bow on a package and a note to say thank you.


| JiHi Designs | Roanoke, VA

A smile.

My family happened upon this sweet little bridge that someone spent a lot of time and work on. Vines twisted so carefully, planks laid with so much care and attention. And frankly when I first stopped off of my busy plans and rushed to see it was hard for me to understand why someone would put so much work into these details.


|The Depot Lodge | Buchanan, VA

With so much busy and so much shiny and so many shortcuts flying all around us, why so much attention to a detail near a little shop in the woods?


|The Depot Lodge | Buchanan, VA

But this was the bridge where we stood and we looked and we stayed, to watch the busy rush away under the haven created in the detail.

And it was the path that we took.

And it is a path that people drive many hours to see. Because it is a space where the beauty is bigger than than the work, and strong enough to catch my eye and strong enough to carry me over the busy,  because the details mattered to someone.



|The Depot Lodge | Buchanan, VA

And nearby was a little tiny shop where so many things were handmade. There were dolls and there were plates and there were shawls and there were scarves and there was a little wooden sheep with great big eyes and a tiny little head. And a shopkeeper with knitting needles in hand was so kind and my daughter used a spinning wheel while patient hands guided and the smile was real.



And so a life-long customer was made.


“To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.” Giorgio Armani



|The Market | Downtown Roanoke, VA


|The Market | Downtown Roanoke, VA


“The details are not the details, they make the design.”

– Charles Eames



|The Shabby Farmhouse Girl| Downtown Roanoke, VA



|Jackie Mills – Plexus Ambassador| Making her “pink drink” beautiful.



| Downtown Roanoke, VA |



“Elegance is not about being noticed,

it’s about being remembered.”

-Georgio Armani



Where can you add a little color?

Where can you listen more and hold a little less?

Where is the work overtaking the beauty?

What is unique about you, where can you add your own, simple, special touch?

Where can you add some “you” to what you do?


“Be yourself today.

You look beautiful like that.”


-Written by Mary Wall-

M  O  M  E  N  T  U  M



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