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How to Win Potential Client’s Trust Online

Okay so I think we can all agree that, despite it’s desperate attempts to be “authentic,” social media tends to be a place of exaggerated truths and highlight-reels. It is now rare to see true, authentic, “no filter” posts.

So, if you’re like most home-based small business owners and the majority of your customers are coming from your social media, how can you increase sales by building trust with your potential clients through a computer screen?

Check it out.. it’s easier (and more important) than you think:


Show Your Face

Girl, not only are you BEAUTIFUL and worthy of posting pictures of yourself, but if the only thing that your friends or followers are seeing are pretty little stock photos, or long text posts that they don’t want to read, or even pictures of your products… then they aren’t going to feel connected to you.

Even just popping in every now and then with a picture of you just living your life will automatically make your audience feel more comfortable with you. You are no longer a mysterious robot that creates posts about your product. Now you are a strong confident woman who just happens to run a business from behind her computer.

Bottom line: Posting pictures of yourself with or without your product humanizes you and your business which will increase comfortably and establish trust from your audience.

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Interact With Your Potential Clients

There’s really no need to dive too deep into this because it’s pretty straight forward: be an active participant on social media. Answering questions about your business or products and being quick to reply to messages shows that you are a competent business owner who is serious about their work.

Bottom line: Whether you’re replying to comments on your business posts or just interacting with friends as you normally would online, having a strong presence on social media shows your potential clients that they can rely on you and reach out in casual communication.

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Talk Like a Person, Not Like a Company

Speaking of casual communication… as important as it is to sound competent and professional when you interact with your audience, you also don’t want to sound like a cooperate robot.

Social media is meant for casual communication, not company jargon or automated   responses. Add some personality to your posts and comments. Make some jokes. Post something that may be a little bit embarrassing about you for the sake of transparency.

Bottom line: Personalize your posts and take a more casual tone. Again, you are humanizing yourself in order to remind your audience that you are a real and authentic person who can be trusted.

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Post Consistently and Intentionally

Consider scheduling your social media posts several weeks out. Or maybe assign certain days certain themes that your audience can expect. Maybe go live every week at the same time. Or stick with a consistent color or theme when posting graphics.

If your audience, however large or small it may be, knows when and what to expect from you then they will be more likely to show up for you.

Bottom line: Giving your audience something to look forward to, and then following through on their expectation with inevitably increasing their level of trust for you, because it shows that you are reliable.

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Highlight Testimonies

Try promoting your product or services by posting testimonials or success stories from past clients. Or let your audience know how your life is better since you’ve started using your product. I could go on but you get it.

Bottom line: Showing that your product or service is useful, effective, and has a good track record helps to eliminate suspicion from your audience.

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Give Others Space

I think we’ve all found ourselves caught in an awkward conversation with an over-pushy, social media sales representative. You know… the conversations that make you nervous to even like this persons posts for fear that they are going to pop in to your inbox .5 seconds later and message you every day until you give in and buy their product.

These over “friendly” encounters can often leave your audience skeptical of your intentions– even if your intentions are pure. Make sure that you are letting your potential clients know that you truly think your business is best solution to their problem. And if it’s not, then learn to let the little fish go.

Bottom line: Use your discernment when it comes to client interactions. Be careful not to come on too strong or like you are only wanting to make a sales. Let your client know that they are most important part of the transaction… not just their money.

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So there you have it. Six simple things to keep in mind when posting on social media. Building trust with your current and potential clients will prove to be worth it. Even if you don’t see growth right away, your credibility will pay off the more your presence is trusted on social media.


-Written by Carla Yerkes-


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