Small Business Spotlight

Small Business Spotlight: BOCO Fit Rage

“BOCO Fit Rage started 3 ½ years ago as Boot Camp Challenge BOCO. Our first boot camp had 8 people and we met at Troutville Park. We changed our name because our owner, Kristen Reimer, decided to create her own brand. Our clients also needed more! We continue to evolve to become a better program. We have grown to almost 90 members and have our own space we call The Rage House!
BOCO Fit Rage is a group fitness and wellness business that focuses on full-body high intensity interval training (HIIT). All of our unique, daily workouts involve strength, cardiorespiratory, endurance, flexibility, and mobility training. All fitness levels are welcome in our program and we offer options for all of our movements.
We focus on whole food nutrition and offer guidance for healthful eating. We teach the ability to sustain overall wellness and do not believe in quick fixes. Kristen is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and is available to all of our Fit Ragers for help.
All of our coaches are certified fitness professionals who are motivated to change as many lives as possible. BOCO Fit Rage is a tribe of wonderful people who are all just trying to be the best selves.
Our coaches are Kristen Reimer, Carrie Vernon, Carly Lyle, Betty Noell, Angela Firebaugh, and Andrew Moore.”
Support our fellowship small business owners by sending some warm, Momentum love to BOCO rage over at

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