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4 Simple Keys to an Effective Website

I know what you’re thinking, because I’ve had the same thought before: “If most of my business traffic comes through my Facebook page, then why do I need to worry about having a website?” 

The short answers?

  1. Having a website makes your easier to find online
  2. It gives you more freedom about what can be posted and where
  3. And frankly having a website communicates to your audience that you take your business seriously, which will make you look more professional, which will add to your credibility, which will generate more leads.

It’s just a beautiful chain reaction of good things happening to you.

BUT– let me be clear. Beautiful chain reactions of good things happen to those people who have beautiful good websites. If your website is messy, has an overload (or underload) of information, is hard to navigate, is boring, is left un-updated, and so on, then it’s not likely that you will  produce any traffic or gain any leads.

Okay. Do. Not. Panic. I’m going to show you 4 simple little standards that will make your website appear clean and professional. Let’s get into it!

1. Display your logo in the top lefthand corner

Website Logo

Chy Media & Communications Homepage 

This is pretty much standard. Think about it: most likely 100% of your viewers will be “Left-to-Right” oriented readers. Having your logo in the top left of the page will be the first thing that your viewers see and will help orient as they move around your page.

Your logo should be interactive and should lead back to your homepage when it is clicked on. It is also highly suggested that your logo be displayed in the same spot on every page on your website. Because who likes to scroll back up to the menu, open the drop down tool, and then click on HOME to go back to the homepage?

2. Have a “call to action” button in the top righthand corner

Website Book Now

Chy Media & Communications Homepage 

The top righthand corner is prime real-estate when it comes to your website. We know your viewers are reading left to right, and then in a Z formation down the page. That means that the second thing your audience will see (after subconsciously noting the logo on the left) will be what ever you decide to place in the righthand corner.

So think: what is it that you want your audience to do when they come to your page? Do you want them to contact you? Do you want them to book you? Do you want them to donate to your cause?

Whatever your call to action is, display it in the righthand corner with an interactive link that will lead them right where they need to be to do whatever it is that you want them to do.

3. Briefly communicate exactly what it is you offer on the homepage

Website About

Chy Media & Communications Homepage 

Emphasis. On. Brief. On average, viewers spend between 30 seconds and 2 minutes on websites. So if your viewer is only spending 30 seconds on your site as a whole, then they are likely spending even less time than that on your homepage.

Your goal is to make sure that every viewer that visits your site can walk away with a general understanding of what you do, and how they can participate. Even if your viewer only stays on your site for 5 seconds.

Even if you leave off your logo or don’t have a call to action button, you MUST let your viewers know what it is that you do. It is not a suggestion. Do this by placing a brief paragraph or graphic for your viewers to glance over that lets them know what it is that you offer.

Take a look at the picture above: this is just one scroll down on my homepage. It is quick and easy to find and communicates to my audience exactly what I offer using the fewest words possible. (Also note that my call to action button floated down too.)

Now take a look at the picture below: All of these little paragraphs (plus a few more) were originally displayed on my homepage… until I realized that no one wants to read all that. And if they do want to read it, then they can head over to me About Me page. Take all those words off of your home page.


Chy Media & Communications About Page


4. Give your viewers a way to contact you

Alright, so your viewers have hung around for a full 2 minutes and have a clear understanding about what you offer, and now they want in! If your “call to action” button doesn’t already give them a way to contact you, then you need to display either a page or a form on your site that let’s your viewers get in touch with you. Otherwise, all of this pretty little website is for nothing.

Your contact information is the final key in having a successful and effective website.

Website Contact

Chy Media & Communications About Page


Here’s a fun little side note: Facebook already does all of this for you. Check out the picture below. Your profile picture (1) where your logo should go is already on the left hand side. Then to the right of your logo is your header (2)… where I highly suggest placing at least a few words or a picture that tells your audience about you. And then right there on the right side of your screen is a call to action (3)!


Website Facebook


BONUS: Own your domain

If you really want to appear professional and credible, then consider buying your own domain. You know– your website URL. Because there is a big difference in sending your viewers to “” and sending them to “”

(I know I know, I’m preaching to myself here.)

If you don’t want to code your own website (which honestly, who does??) you can still create your website using Wix, Weebly, WordPress, etc, and then purchase your domain from them for fairly cheap.



Much love, Momentum Community. We believe in you and

want to see you succeed!


-Written by Carla Yerkes-



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