Small Business Spotlight

Small Business Spotlight: Michele Quesenberry

“Hi, I am Michele Quesenberry, a Gold Wellness Advocate with doTerra essential oils. I am a wife, mother, and former public school teacher. I first began using essential oils when my friend, and fellow teacher, shared them with me one stressful day in May, 2014. As soon as I used the first oil, I had immediate results. She shared Doterra oils with me, but I still did my research and even tried other oils and there was no comparison! The the oil were superior to others and the company is amazing!

From there, I jumped in and learned all I could about their amazing benefits. My two small children were the reason that I was so interested in essential oils. They both had chronic allergies and we’re sick all of the time! I was tired of giving them over the counter medications and prescriptions that had many side effects. I was also tired of being in the doctor’s office every month or so. I immediately researched and learned all I could about using essential oils with children. I immediately started using them with my kids, and within three months they were off of all of their prescription medications. They have not had a doctor sick visit in over three years!

After I accomplished getting my kids healthy, I began to realize that we really needed to work on living a more natural lifestyle. We have since Incorporated essential oils into almost every aspect of our home. I had no idea how to live this way, and now I would never go back! We are all so much healthier now that we don’t have chemicals and toxins throughout our home.

Well, this was amazing and something I could not keep to myself.

“I was never intending to do a business, but I began sharing with others and it was immediately fruitful for my family!”

I started teaching classes and sharing oils with others, and before I knew it, paychecks were rolling in. I worked hard as both a teacher, and an essential oil educator, for two years. At the end of two years, I was able to leave public education and take on a less stressful position in a private preschool program. After a year, I was able to leave that job as well. Now I work dōTERRA full-time! This has been so amazing for me! I am so thankful to have this business and my dōTERRA family. I always wanted something more, but didn’t know what that could be.

“Now, I am able to use my talents and gifts to help create a better lifestyle for my family and others.”


Now, my business has definitely had its ups and downs. I’ve had nearest Kum & Go, but my retention rate is very high and I was able to overcome the challenges. The biggest challenge I have face in this business is the time away from my family while I was still working full-time.

“But I decided that short term sacrifice was definitely worth the long-term gain.”

Now I am able to be there for my kids activities, and see my son get off the school bus everyday! I can work during the day while they’re at school, and have more time to be with them in the evenings. I also do a lot of my business in the evenings, and they come with me or stay home with my husband. It works for our family!


I have an amazing team of over 700 dōTERRA essential oil users, shares, and builders. Our team is growing everyday. As I have developed into a leader in my business, I realize that I have grown and changed in so many ways. I love mentoring and coaching others in this business, running online training and groups, and helping others overcome their own challenges within their business. I love the connections I’ve made with other strong women, and the friendships that have been created. We are in this business together, but we are also friends and business partners.


My goal going forward is to continue to share dōTERRA Essential Oils with as many families as I can. I am passionate about helping others live a more healthy, natural lifestyle. I also strive to help others achieve financial freedom and time freedom!”



Michelle can be found over at Send her some Momentum Community love!



1 thought on “Small Business Spotlight: Michele Quesenberry”

  1. I love you!!!! I am so lucky and blessed to have you on my team. Keep dreaming dreams and blessing lives, sister! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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