Small Business Spotlight

Small Business Spotlight: Squeak-IN-Style-BOW-tique



“I’m Melissa. I run a small business out of our home in Salem called Squeak-IN Style BOW-tique.

What is now my business started four years ago as just a hobby. I was pregnant with our first child and was told by a friend that I had to get M’kenzie squeaky shoes. After ordering some online and showing them to my other Mom friends, we started collecting them for our children. In no time everyone started asking me for boutique outfits, bows, and chunky bead necklaces to match their shoes.

“What was originally my hobby quickly turned into a small business that would not only help provide for my family and allow me to stay home with my children but also help other parents dress their children affordably.” 

I never thought that this would be my “job”, that I’d be able to be home with my kids everyday to watch them reach every little milestone, or that it would introduce me to so many customers that are now close friends. To think that I have 20,000 members on my page that started with just one blows my mind.
It is so much fun to sit down and literally design an outfit from scratch picking out fabrics and deciding which style looks best. The possibilities are endless and my customers always have the best input. It’s not always as easy as everyone thinks though. In fact, it’s very stressful when you’re trying to juggle being a Mom, invoicing customers, and packaging orders in a timely manor.
I’m so thankful for my husband who pushed me to start this boutique. Without him and my customers, I wouldn’t be able to stay home with Ashton and M’Kenzie. I wouldn’t have been able to spend 80 precious days with our second daughter Kimber Grace who passed away June 30th. So when I say I love my customers and they have blessed me, they have given me an opportunity I never dreamed of having.

When you shop with SISB and thank me for amazing quality with awesome prices, I thank you for the encouragement and helping me contribute to my husbands income as a correctional officer.”

Check out Melissa’s  here –>





1 thought on “Small Business Spotlight: Squeak-IN-Style-BOW-tique”

  1. I love shopping with you!!! The quality of the items is amazing! Not to mention the prices!!! I love supporting a home based business over big retail shops any day!!! Thanks so much!!!


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