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Facebook Advertising: How $1 a Day Can Grow Your Client Base

Gone are the days when “advertising” was done exclusively by big wigs in skyscrapers who were getting paid millions of dollars to pick out fonts and colors.

Today, with social media, we are all advertisers. Anytime we post, we advertise something. Whether it’s advertising an idea that we want people to believe about our lives, or maybe it is literally advertising ourselves and our businesses on Facebook.

everyone is in advertising

So maybe you don’t know much about Facebook advertising or it’s not something you think is worth it. Well, what if I told you that just spending $1 a day on Facebook marketing can double your post reach, and in turn double your potential client base. Interested now?

Now, to be clear, I am no expert. I am still trying to figure all of this out. So I am only going to speak from what I have done over the past year in my business and tell you what I have found to work for me.

Let’s jump on in.


Creating an Effective Social Media Ad: 


Eye catching graphic or stock photo

I think this goes without saying, but in the highly visual world that is social media, your business post or ad needs to be eye catching. Think about the kinds of things that you notice when you’re scrolling social media. Text posts catch my attention sometimes, but most of the time it’s a real life picture that I notice.

Please, when creating a social media graphic, don’t head over to Microsoft Word and make a little box full of clip art and crazy fonts, with a random background that is made up of too many colors.

If you would like a video tutorial of how to choose pictures and text when creating a social media graphic, you can find that here.


Only information that is relevant

As a graphic designer, I have clients come to me asking for social media ads. Too often, they come wanting all of the information they can squeeze onto a little graphic. Frankly, people are going to keep scrolling when they happen upon a text heavy advertisement.

Remember that you always have your caption to add other relevant information such as links or more information that won’t fit on the graphic itself.

So what do you add on a social media graphic?


1. Who the advertisement is targeting

2. How your audience can contact you

3. What you are offering (whether its information of a sale)

4. What you are offering your audience

Elements of and Ad

Keep in mind, your graphic does need a call to action. Especially if it is a sale ad. Using phrases like “Contact Me” “Send us a Message” “Buy Now” “Click Here” etc etc.


Boosting Your Post:

Post as your graphic as you normally would any other post.

Once it is published, or before you publish the graphic, press “Boost Post”

Regular Post

Define your target audience

Define Audience

This is so so important. Think about who you are targeting with this ad. Think about your niche: gender, age, physical location, interests, job, school—anything people may put on their Facebook profile.

Facebook will guide you through these prompts when you are boosting your post.

It’s better to get 10 views from people who are your target client than to get 10,000 views by people who aren’t going to respond to your services.


Set your budget

If you are a small business with a tight budget, even $1 a day can double how many views you are getting.

You may not think that paying for Facebook marketing is worth it, but boosting your posts increases both your organic reach and your paid reach– which means even if you only end up paying for 5 new views, you also have paid Facebook to show your post on more of your friend’s pages too.

Set Budget


Boost your post!

It’s really that easy. Go ahead and that that post a boost!


Review your results

Once your boosted post has reach the end of it’s duration, take a look at the results. It will give you valuable information about who saw your post, their age and gender, how many people saw it vs how many people interacted, etc.

This will help you define who your reachable and target market is.

Organic Vs Paid

View Results


Well there it is folks. The most simple, affordable, and effective way to advertise your business on social media.

So what are you wanting for? Go!


-Written by Carla Yerkes-



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