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4 Steps to a Profitable Social Media Bio

Have you ever noticed an intriguing picture on Instagram and then moseyed on over to the host’s page. You browse a little bit and are interested in the posts, even impressed by them, but still aren’t quite sure why this person is posting what they are? If you’re like me, that’s about the time I glance at the bio for a little bit of explanation.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts to create a cohesive and informative social media page, our business just isn’t clear to visitors who are browsing. And if your visitors are unclear about what you business is, then it’s not likely that you will be able to turn your visitors into customers.

Facebook gives a little bit more opportunity for your visitors to explore and understand what your business does. But when it comes to Instagram, Twitter, & Pinterest, business intentions can easily go unseen.

So what does a profitable bio include? Gather ’round our virtual campfire, take 5 minutes to focus on this game changer, and let’s give our bios a little facelift– for ourselves and for our potential customers.


 1. Articulate What Your Business Is

This is pretty self explanatory. Visitors to your page need to know what your business is about. The tricky part here is shortening your whole, impressive, and long business explanation in just a word or two. Keep this in mind:

Define yourself in the terms your visitors would define you.  If they were looking at your Instagram, how would they describe you?

Maybe you’re an “Botanical Culinary Artisan.” That’s great and sounds impressive, but it’s not likely your visitors will look at your page and spit that title out. They’ll probably just say “Vegetarian Chef.” So save everyone the time and put “Vegetarian Chef” in your bio.

Bottom line: Cut the jargon. Define your business in the simplest way.

Image result for what do you do gif


2. Identify Your Ideal Customer and How You Benefit Them

Here’s the thing… nobody wants to waste their time browsing your page to find out that they don’t need your service. And really, you don’t want those people to waste your time creating traffic that won’t yield any profit.

So specifically note who it is that you are wanting to attract to your business, and what it is that you provide them. Are you providing them education? Ideas? Inspiration? Relaxation? Entertainment? Let them know.

For example, you’re a Vegetarian Chef, right? But more specifically, you’re a “Vegetarian Chef providing busy mom’s healthy snack ideas for their kiddos.”

Now you’ve saved everyone time but calling out your ideal client. And identifying the niche that you provide for will increase your visitor to customer turn over rate.

Bottom line: Specifically identify who your client is and let them know how you are helping them.

Image result for i want you  gif

3. Clarify Where Visitors Can Find You

Y’all, this is it. If you’re visitors see your page and are interested in your business but don’t know how to find you, then what’s the point?? Add your email address, or phone number, or portfolio, or website, or office address, or even just the city you are located.

So now your bio is starting to read: “Vegetarian Chef providing busy mom’s healthy snack ideas |”

Bottom line: Clearly inform your visitors where they can get in contact with you, where they can get more information, where they can stop by your office, etc etc etc.

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4. Prompt the Customer to Take an Action

Some common “call-to-actions,” some that you have probably used before, include:

Contact Me; Send Me A Message; Check Out My Portfolio; Browse Our Site; ect.

Or, as the beautiful and intelligent small business inspirer Jasmine Star suggests, leave your guest a “party favor:” something for free from you to them. Things like a link to download free stock photos, or a 20% coupon to your online boutique.

Wrapping up our example, your bio is reading something like now: “Vegetarian Chef providing busy mom’s healthy snack ideas | Visit me over at | Download 5 After School Snack Recipes here”

Wow… that sounds so much better than  @VeggieMom– “Botanical Culinary Artisan.” (<– that’s still not a thing.)

Bottom line: Articulate exactly what it is you want your potential client to do or receive after viewing your page.

Image result for what are you waiting for gif


Speaking of Jasmine. Here is her effective an profitable Instagram bio that proves as a perfect example to wrap up this post!


Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 10.14.25 PM


-Written by Carla Yerkes-




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