Three Ways to Put the “Good” Back in Your Morning

Does anyone else find the expression “rise and shine” downright obnoxious for anyone but the actual sunshine itself?!

I mean honestly, my rising looks more like … well… dramatically crawling from wreckage… than shining.

At least it used to. I am finally finding workable habits that have renewed and motivated my morning hours with confidence, gratitude, organization and peace. Here’s a quick guide to happier mornings for you!

Create a Morning Ritual Suited to You.

It’s just this simple and just this important: Think about what you most need in the morning and what you personally enjoy. For me, I went ahead and spent the $3.00 on an adorable and happy coffee mug and $7.00 on a cute yellow alarm clock that I now set across the room. I planned out how much time I needed in the morning rather than how much sleep I wanted in the morning. If you’re a coffee drinker, take the extra moment the night before to set the timer on your coffee pot and go straight from your bed to your coffee. Now, you can take that extra ten minutes you wanted to rest, sitting upright with your coffee cup getting your bearings for the day. Lay your clothes out the night before. Grab something healthy to eat. Your energy will be mounting as your awareness does and you’ll love it so much making this a habit might just be easy.

That’s a good feeling, ya’ll.


Unload Your Mind the Night Before

I am almost embarrassed to say what a dramatic change this step has made for me.  I think many of us involved in small business are dreamers with minds running wild with plans, goals, and an enormous list of things to do. Yes?  I was finding it difficult to shut my brain down no matter how exhausted I was and realized the problem was anticipating and trying to remember all that needed to be done the next day. My first thoughts when I woke up were a groggy race to remember what was important and the mountain before me. Talk about a rude awakening.

Finally I started grabbing a legal pad the night before and tearing off just one page. I write the day at the top and just start listing things I don’t want to forget… from taking meat out of the freezer and packing school lunches to meetings and appointments and getting the oil changed. It’s out there. I won’t forget. What a relief! I sleep easier and wake up able without feeling overwhelmed before I can even remember why I feel that way. Checking things off all day makes me feel so productive and adds to motivation, rather than remembering things I’d forgotten.  I have even started writing “no regrets” on the list and this one has been a sweet catch for me to keep balance as I choose daily priorities. Don’t get so busy with the things you don’t stop to help your child with homework and regret it. Don’t eat the WHOLE BAG of double stuffed oreos, you’ll regret it (maybe). It brings balance to my priorities. With just one sheet of paper I can fold it in my pocket, refer to it and check things off for the day. My days have become so much more productive and peaceful having what was in my mind in my pocket because you guys… my brain gets tired sometimes. MAKE. A. LIST.


Start Each Day Grateful

A fresh start, a beautiful sunrise, a hot cup of coffee, breath in your lungs, there is always, always something to be thankful for. Consider using those few moments you are giving your brain to wake up and ease into the day to fill one sheet of paper every morning, a groggy journal of thanks perhaps. Just write the first thoughts that come into your mind about what you are thankful for. Every day. Put it on paper, own it. Embrace it. Save them in a folder by your alarm clock.

When you’re getting ready in the morning and you realize you are getting overwhelmed, stop yourself to consider what thoughts are productive and which are counterproductive and fills those blanks with thanks. Remember what you wrote and go ahead and sing out loud in that shower, woman!

It’s always a good day, to have a good day.  Go ahead and put that good back in your morning!

guilherme-stecanella-375176 (1)

    • – written by Mary Wall –



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