How To Know If You’ve Been Successful

Success. It’s an awesome word, isn’t it? One that has the power to both bring the most satisfaction, yet the most fear and trepidation all in one breath. No matter how it feels, success is not unattainable.         Y O U can experience true success one day at a time! Here are some ideas to help ensure you are well on your way!

Define What Success Looks Like For Y O U .

Every person is different from their head down to their toes. You are unique. Isn’t it refreshing to realize that just like the shades of your eyes, your success won’t look the same as everyone else’s?

You are a unique and beautiful collection of different talents, skills, interests, dreams and plans.

That my friend, that is a good thing.

That is your strength.

One of the most successful things we can ever really do, is to really know who we are and do something with it.  Go ahead, pour a big cup of coffee and write a nice long list and let these things help you create your own unique list of goals and dreams, starting from the daily to the long term.

Now, you have a starting place.


Make Sure Your Plans for Your Business Work With Your Plans for Your Life.

These plans should run parallel. If not, take some time to reflect, clarify and adjust. Clarify goals for you personally, not just as an entrepreneur but as a person. Who do you want to be and how do you want to treat others? What kind of leader do you want to be? List goals for family and friends. How many vacations will you take? When will you have protected time together? List goals for your business. What is your ultimate goal? What are some tangible measuring points to take that will get you there? Balancing these things will make you far more successful in each individual area.


Do The Work.

Success isn’t just one thing. Success is working from one goal to the next, one day at a time. Using your moments, balancing your time, loving your family and always, always growing.

Don’t underestimate the power of the days without big events. They are what your victory days will be based upon.

Don’t underestimate your failures. There is no more powerful tool to help you refocus, clarify, and build motivation. Use them.



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