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How to Create a Productive Work Space

Hey there small business hustlers! Let's have a quick chat about our work space. Sometimes the only thing we can do is plop down on the couch with our laptops, surround by kid toys with the TV on in the background. Trust me, I get it. Sometimes all we can do is work whenever and wherever we can. As I write this I'm sitting at the kitchen table scurrying to get this blog done before the baby wakes up. 

How To & Advice

Facebook Advertising: How $1 a Day Can Grow Your Client Base

Gone are the days when "advertising" was done exclusively by big wigs in skyscrapers who were getting paid millions of dollars to pick out fonts and colors. Today, with social media, we are all advertisers. Anytime we post, we advertise something. Whether it's advertising an idea that we want people to believe about our lives,… Continue reading Facebook Advertising: How $1 a Day Can Grow Your Client Base

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4 Simple Keys to an Effective Website

I know what you're thinking, because I've had the same thought before: "If most of my business traffic comes through my Facebook page, then why do I need to worry about having a website?"  The short answers? Having a website makes your easier to find online It gives you more freedom about what can be posted and where And frankly having a website communicates to your audience that you take your business seriously, which will make you look more professional, which will add to your credibility, which will generate more leads.